Come on Down - by Stephen Clay


Come on Mary, come on Joseph come on Peter, come on Paul

Come on Jesus won't you walk on water for us all

Come on God, take him down, take him down please

Come on God, come on down

Thought I saw him in Tienanmen, dancing with a tank

Thought I saw him down on 42nd street, dancing with some crank

Thought I saw him on some talk show telling everything you need to know

About love and hate, sinners and saints, whether God is, God ain't

Come on down

Mohammed bring the bread,

Jesus bring the wine

Buddha bring yourself, anytime is fine

Bring a sunrise for the wicked

A rainbow for the fool

Let it shine on everyone of us, wouldn't that be cool?

Come on down

Bring a thousand years of happiness

Or at least enough to eat

'Cause there's so many ways to starve down on 42nd street

Where the neon lights are shining 100 feet tall

Come on Jesus, won't you walk on water for us all

Come on down Come on down Come on down


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